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Life after family business

Danielle Robertson spent 12 years at the helm of DIAL-AN-ANGEL®, during which time it became Australia’s leading care and family support service.  Established in 1967 by her mother Dena, the family business was sold in 2014 by which time Danielle’s career there spanned 29 years. She steered the business through the sale process while still managing day to day operations and contributing at a strategic board level. The Poulos Bros Group is one of Australia’s largest distributors, processors, importers, exporters and retailers of fresh and frozen seafood and one of the country’s top 100 private companies.  Peter Poulos walked away from the business in 2012 having spent nine years as the group’s Managing Director.  After taking some time out to tick a few boxes on his Bucket List and also consider his career options, Peter struck out in a completely new direction and hasn’t looked back.  In this panel interview, we will ask Danielle and Peter to share the highs and lows of their exciting yet challenging transitions.  Danielle will expand on the decision to sell the business, how she navigated the company through the process and what life is looking like post family business.  Peter will discuss the factors that influenced his decision to leave Poulos Bros, some of the challenges he faced and his experience of ‘going it alone’ after a commercial life time in his family business.


Danielle Robertson

Consultant, ex-CEO Dial-An-Angel

From 2003 to 2014, Danielle Robertson was CEO of DIAL-AN-ANGEL®, a national group specialising in Home and Family care and support services for all types of care.  Danielle’s mother, Dena Blackman, established the business in 1967 and it has been ...

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Peter Poulos

Founder, Disappear Ink ex-MD Poulos Bros Group

Established in 1956, the Poulos Bros Group is one of Australia’s largest privately owned seafood wholesaling, processing and exporting operations.  Peter Poulos joined the family business in 1983 and, after numerous positions within the Group, spent his ...

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