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Danielle Robertson

Consultant, ex-CEO Dial-An-Angel

From 2003 to 2014, Danielle Robertson was CEO of DIAL-AN-ANGEL®, a national group specialising in Home and Family care and support services for all types of care.  Danielle’s mother, Dena Blackman, established the business in 1967 and it has been assisting Australian families, businesses and overseas visitors since that time.

Working in the family business for almost 29 years as a ‘hands-on' CEO, Danielle worked in every department of the company starting out ‘in the field’ as an Angel.  She had a significant impact on DIAL-AN-ANGEL's development in her role as Financial Director, and then Operations Manager, before succeeding as CEO in 2003.

In her time as CEO, Danielle expanded their Corporate Services division with DIAL-AN-ANGEL becoming a preferred national provider for corporate reward and recognition programmes as well as employee benefits and work-life flexibility programmes.  She also formed strategic partnerships with Financial Planners, associations and insurance companies who specialized in care provision, Estate Planning and insurance cover.

Danielle is a medico legal expert witness in the Supreme, District and Family Courts around Australia providing expert opinion on the cost of care for those who have been orphaned or catastrophically injured in motor vehicle or personal injury accidents or medical negligence claims. The family business was sold in September 2014 and, since May 2015, Danielle has been running her own consulting business.