The Private & Family Enterprise Exchange

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The Private & Family Enterprise Exchange

About The Private & Family Enterprise Exchange

“It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent. Rather it is those who are most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin

Private and family enterprises are the unsung heroes of the Australian economy – they make up around 70% of all business and employ 50% of the workforce – these are some serious stats!  They are typically resilient, innovative, ethically invested in the communities that they operate and live in, and their quiet philanthropy funds countless charities and Foundations. The Private & Family Enterprise Exchange is a day to share knowledge and facilitate connections that benefit this business community - and also bring them up to speed on some of the latest developments and trends in business, technology and the economy.


This fast paced day opens with the most capped prop Forward in Australian rugby union history, Al Baxter, sharing his insights on great leadership and team work - and why both are critical for any organisation that aspires to outstanding performance.

Tapping into outside wisdom, expertise and perspective

This is followed by a panel interview with two high profile family businesses on the experience and benefits of establishing an Advisory Board in recent years.  Staying on topic a bit longer, we have a short ‘top tips’ session on how to set up a focused and cost effective Advisory Board.

Protecting your business from disruptors

Disruptive technologies are smashing the barriers to entry across every industry so we’ve invited one of Australia’s leading experts in this space to share the innovation principles that protect businesses from disruptors.

Family Dynamics

The role you assumed in your ‘family of origin’ still influences your behaviour today and these dynamics are guaranteed to play out in a family business.  A Family Systems therapist will describe the various archetypes and behaviour patterns, and provide some tools to help neutralise their impact in the business environment.

Capture and communicate your message more effectively

A Marketing & Communications guru will outline why it’s imperative for business owners to articulate their key messages and embed them in every communications piece - including online and social media platforms.

What would you do if you left the family business?

You will inspired by the story of two CEOs who have moved on from their family enterprise and how they are successfully reinventing themselves.

The latest research and findings on sustainable family business

To close the day, we have invited one of the country’s most respected authorities on sustainable family business models to share what she’s learned after twelve months of research and collaboration with global experts in the field of private enterprise.