The Private & Family Enterprise Exchange


Susanne Bransgrove

Founder, Families in Transition

As the third generation of a German family business, Susanne is passionate about supporting family and private businesses to realise their full potential.  Her personal story speaks to the experiences of many “next gen” members in family enterprises.  Susanne’s struggle to forge her own identity within the family, and to be respected and included in family business matters, will resonate with any next generation member in a family business.

As Managing Director of Amplifi Governance, Susanne successfully assisted family enterprises to establish boards that reflected the values and culture of the owners.  For the majority of her career she was involved in the Finance industry with Executive roles at Macquarie Bank and ANZ in Australia, and Commerzbank Bremen in Germany.  More recently, Susanne has been on a sabbatical researching and collaborating with family business specialists across the US and Europe.  This resulted in the development of a holistic education and advice model, which places equal emphasis on family and business governance, supporting families in business and the Professionals who advise this important sector.