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Disrupt or be disrupted: How to create sustainable businesses in a rapidly changing world

The current business environment is full of entrepreneurs, start-ups, incubators, co-working spaces and co- investment - the financial sector has even coined a new word ‘Fintech’ to describe this phenomenon. This is a real and growing threat to many businesses, just ask the newspapers (real and, taxis (Uber) and hotels (Airbnb).  Allan will discuss some of the deliberate and consistent actions around innovation that business leaders can take to build a sustainable business and become the disruptor, or defend against becoming the victim of disruption.  He will also take us through the four values and 16 building blocks of agile innovation that ensure it becomes a part of your organisation’s DNA.  Allan presents a proven, pragmatic and unique way to increase the fortunes of a business through innovation. He demonstrates how innovation created by collective thinking is the key to solving problems and generating ongoing success.


Allan Ryan

Executive Director Hargraves Institute

In 2006 Allan founded the Hargraves Institute as an innovation resource to share knowledge, wisdom and experience in a non-competitive environment for the purpose of growth and development. Its goals are to build innovation capabilities that improve staff ...

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