The Private & Family Enterprise Exchange


Imelda Bergin

Event Facilitator

Imelda has worked closely with Private and Family owned Businesses for eight plus years. In that time, she has co-ordinated conferences, developed education courses and managed events that share evidence based strategies for long term success in this sector.

Imelda has had the privilege of getting up close and personal with some of Australia’s most successful family businesses, as well as the world’s leading experts and academics in this space, and is a passionate advocate for private enterprise.  Her long association with this sector has engendered an enormous respect and admiration for the businesses in this space who are typically extremely resilient, innovative, invested in their communities and a crucial source of employment and economic success for Australia.

Imelda was previously the Executive Officer for Family Business Australia, a not for profit organisation that assists family companies in their quest for long term success.  She is currently writing her first book, ‘Family Business Ten Top Tips’.